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  • The anthropoid status of a primate from the late middle Eocene Pondaung Formation (Central Myanmar): Tarsal evidence 

    Marivaux, Laurent; Chaimanee, Yaowalak; Ducrocq, Stéphane; Marandat, Bernard; Sudre, Jean; Aung Naing Soe; Soe Thura Tun; Wanna Htoon; Jaeger, Jean-Jacques (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 2003)
    Primate dental and postcranial remains from the Eocene Pondaung Formation (Myanmar) have been the subject of considerable confusion since their initial discoveries, and their anthropoid status has been widely debated. We ...
  • A lower jaw of Pondaungia cotteri from the Late Middle Eocene Pondaung Formation (Myanmar) confirms its anthropoid status 

    Chaimanee, Yaowalak; Tin Thein; Ducrocq, Stéphane; Aung Naing Soe; Benammi, Mouloud; Than Tun; Thit Lwin; San Wai; Jaeger, Jean-Jacques (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 2000)
    Pondaungia cotteri is the largest primate known from the Late Middle Eocene Pondaung Formation, Myanmar. Its taxonomic status has been the subject of much debate because of the fragmentary nature of its remains. Initially ...
  • First Hominoid from the Late Miocene of the Irrawaddy Formation (Myanmar) 

    Jaeger, Jean-Jacques; Aung Naing Soe; Chavasseau, Olivier; Coster, Pauline; Emonet, Edouard-Georges; Guy, Franck; Lebrun, Renaud; Aye Maung; Aung Aung Khyaw; Hla Shwe; Soe Thura Tun; Kyaw Linn Oo; Rugbumrung, Mana; Bocherens, Herve; Benammi, Mouloud; Chaivanich, Kamol; Tafforeau, Paul; Chaimanee, Yaowalak (PLoS ONE, 2011)
    For over a century, a Neogene fossil mammal fauna has been known in the Irrawaddy Formation in central Myanmar. Unfortunately, the lack of accurately located fossiliferous sites and the absence of hominoid fossils have ...
  • Chloritoid-bearing basic schists from the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, central Shikoku: their petrologic significance and tectonic implications 

    Zaw Win Ko; Enami, Masaki; Aoya, Mutsuki (Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, Volume 100, page 43-54, 2005, 2005)
    Chloritoid- and taramite-bearing basic schists occur on the streambed at Ikadadu in the garnet zone of the Sanbagawa metamorphic belt, central Shikoku. Their major constituent phases are chloritoid, taramite, chlorite, ...