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  • Heading for Myanmar Personal Authors 

    Tun Aung Kyaw (University of Yangon, 2013)
    The study is based upon name elements of Myanmar pennames to catalogue Myanmar books written by Myanmar authors. Every library owns certain amount of collection and each of librarians is responsible to record their ...
  • Analytical Study on Naming Systems of Kachin for Cataloguing 

    Tun Aung Kyaw (Yadanabon University, 2017)
    The purpose of the paper is to fill the gaps in the cataloguing headings of Myanmar personal authors which are not fully discussed in the Anglo- American Cataloguing Rules (AACR). The focus is on the six ethnic groups of ...
  • Characterization of a Bipartite Graph and Its Hamiltonicity 

    Shwin Seinn (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    In this paper, the characterization of a bipartite graph will be first described by using the definitions of cycle, Hamiltonian cycle, odd cycle, and chromatic number in a graph. Then the conditions for a bipartite graph ...
  • Arc-Disjoint Path Pair (APP) Problem 

    Nang Kham Maing (Proceedings of the First International Conference on Science and Engineering, 2008)
    Let G (V, A) be a directed network containing n nodes vЄ V and m arcs (i, j) Є A, each with a non-negative length. In this paper arc-disjoint path pair problem is considered, which is to find a pair of arc-disjoint paths ...
  • Applications of Eulerian Path and Tour 

    Sandar Myint; Win Win Mar; Yi Myint (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    A path in a graph is an Eulerian path if every edge of the graph appears as an edge in the path exactly once. A closed Eulerian path is an Eulerian tour. A graph is said to be an Eulerian graph if it has an Eulerian tour. ...

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