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  • Indo-US Relations: Indo-US Nuclear Deal and Its Impact 

    Chaw Chaw Sein; Khin Sandar Myint; Yin Myo Thu (Journal of the Asia Research Centre, 2017)
    National security and national interests, in terms of realist premises are the core value for every nations whether it is big power or small power in international system . Security and defense strategy of the US and India ...
  • Foreign Direct Investment in Oil and Gus Sector in Myanmar 

    Chaw Chaw Sein; Lwin Cho Latt; Khine Thazin Soe (Journal of the Asia Research Centre, 2017)
    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a significant source of finance for many developing countries. It has the potential to ensure the sustainable economic and industrial deve1opment in Myanmar; FDI often leads to economic ...
  • Myanmar's Reform and its impact on Myanmar-China Relations 

    Oak Soe San; Chaw Chaw Sein (Journal of the Asia Research Centre, 2016)
    Myanmar embarked on domestic reform measures with the inception of new democratic government in 2011. New democratic government initiated three phrases of reform measures: political reform, social economic reform and ...
  • Myanmar Efforts to Control Illicit Drugs (1998-2015) 

    Tin Tin Aye (University of Yangon Research Journal, 2016)
    Since the assumption of the state power in 1988, Myanmar Government sought to control opium cultivation and production and drug trafficking. Then, the Government reestablished the Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control ...
  • Myanmar’s post-Election Foreign Policy 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (2016)
    This paper’s main objective is to explore the likely direction of Myanmar’s foreign policy after the historic election won by the National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Laureate, a democratic ...
  • Myanmar’s Perspective of "One Belt, One Road" 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (2015)
    Myanmar’s reforms during the five-year term of President U Thein Sein have indicated her reintegration into the international community. Myanmar’s future directions also opened new opportunities for her to cooperate with ...
  • Myanmar-India Interactions in the context of dynamic international environment 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (The Global New Light of Myanmar, 2017)
    Strategic interactions between rising India and changing Myanmar are the two interesting players to shape the twenty-first century Asia since Asia has been assumed as an important region for global development economically ...
  • Myanmar Foreign Policy under New Government 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (Myanmar: Reintegrating into the International Community, 2016)
    After opening up in 2011 with new civilian government, international community has been busy eying on Myanmar's transition, how she will continue her democratization process and in which way she will diversify her foreign ...
  • Institutions in Myanmar’s 2015 Election 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (Conflict in Myanmar, 2016)
    Myanmar successfully held an historic general election on 8 November 2015 under President U Thein Sein’s government. Local people as well as the international community welcomed the election outcome, where the NLD won by ...
  • Global Overview and Myanmar Democratic Transition 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (The Global New Light of Myanmar, 2017)
    Myanmar transition since 2010 is praised as “Myanmar spring” by the international media due to its smooth democratization process. The 2015 post election of Myanmar is again praised by the international community for two ...
  • Assessing the Perspective of the EU and ASEAN on China’s OBOR Initiative 

    Chaw Chaw Sein (Myanmar ISIS, 2016)
    This study discusses how China’s ‘‘One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) initiative has been received in two different regional contexts: the EU and ASEAN. President Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream involves expanding the economic and the ...
  • Conflict Management and Peace Making in Myanmar: Effort and Its Effects 

    Yin Myo Thu (China’s Strategic Environment and External Relations in the Transition Period, Korea Institute for National Unification, 2014)