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  • Characterization of a Bipartite Graph and Its Hamiltonicity 

    Shwin Seinn (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    In this paper, the characterization of a bipartite graph will be first described by using the definitions of cycle, Hamiltonian cycle, odd cycle, and chromatic number in a graph. Then the conditions for a bipartite graph ...
  • Arc-Disjoint Path Pair (APP) Problem 

    Nang Kham Maing (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    Let G (V, A) be a directed network containing n nodes vЄ V and m arcs (i, j) Є A, each with a non-negative length. In this paper arc-disjoint path pair problem is considered, which is to find a pair of arc-disjoint paths ...
  • Applications of Eulerian Path and Tour 

    Sandar Myint; Win Win Mar; Yi Myint (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    A path in a graph is an Eulerian path if every edge of the graph appears as an edge in the path exactly once. A closed Eulerian path is an Eulerian tour. A graph is said to be an Eulerian graph if it has an Eulerian tour. ...
  • A Study on Steady State Drift-Diffusion Model for Semiconductors. 

    Khin Thi (Universities Research Journal (URJ), 2008)
    In this paper we discuss the derivation of Drift-Diffusion Model by using Maxwell's equations, Poisson's equation and continuity equations for semiconductors. We also study the existence and uniqueness of solution in steady state.